Productivity Enhancements


Strategic Executive assess and benchmarks your productivity versus that of industry. We can then measure your productivity (Pf) over time, showing your teams trends of improvement or opportunities, identifying change of direction required. WE can work with you to develop improvement plans and drive training and implementation of them. Through this, your performance ill improve and the payback will be very swift.


Enhanced productivity will make your company and your people industry leaders. With this, your clients will be impressed and delighted by your performance improvements and your caring to serve them better. This will result in more repeat sales, client and community reputation as well as greatly improved employee morale and retention.

Be the leader in efficiency

We'll work with you to set goals, monitor your progress and present our findings to you. We will identify areas which require enhancement to meet your maximum potential.

How it works

Strategic Executive will work with you to assess your productivity and identify improvement opportunities. We will then develop these improvement opportunities into real step change enhancement to your processes, procedures and/or training programs. We will implement and communicate all throughout the process. We will measure our progress and report to you how we are doing and what the level of engagement and improvements are.

Who’s involved

You and your team as identified during the collaboration and proposal stages.

Getting Started

Please contact Strategic Executive Consulting at your convenience and I'll be happy to engage in conversation with you so that we can see if we can help you achieve your goals. Our phone number is 401-430-9188 and our email is

Other Services

Construction Leadership

Strategic Executive will focus on the areas of your business which we agree need our attention and focus. We will leverage our 35 years of business experiences and passions and will focus on our agreed upon scope.

Employee Motivation through Communications

Employees are your most important asset! We have developed and enjoy implementing employee motivational programs for any size business and serving any industry.

Construction Advisor

SEC has over 35 years of construction leadership experience within a healthy array of industries. We leverage these experiences and tools to benefit you and your team's growth, profitability and life fulfillment.

Workforce Development & Labor Relations

Attracting, training, retaining and motivating skilled labor is impacting every project and our businesses every day. SEC has extensive experience attracting, retaining and motivating craft and professional personnel. Access to excellent foreign labor (via E-2) is also an offering of ours, which is a very beneficial tool.

Stakeholder Alignment including IPD++ with the Neighborhood Model

Strategic Executive will work with you to align your project and/or company goals and programs with your employees, management team and clients. IPD++ and Neighborhood contracting models will enhance that everyone will be heading in the same direction in a unified cause, thus reducing costs and schedule to complete.

Business Strategies, Processes and Procedures

Leading with optimum business strategies is critical for your success. Strategic Executive will work with you to develop or refine these strategies to align to your business “dreams” and “ideals”.

Productivity Enhancements

Delivery of your business growth is dependent on you and your team’s productivity. Performing with excellence when related to your competitors and your estimates is critical to rise above your competition and delight your customers.

Expert Witness Services

Focused on the Construction Industry, we have the respect of attorney's and companies we have provided expert witness services for and are humbly proud of our success rate.