Managing without Stress

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This morning I was humbled to lead a group discussion for a Carlisle Chamber of Commerce event entitled “Managing without Stress”.  

The dialog was very active with great participation.  There are many advantages to reducing or eliminating stress both for yourself, the team around you, as well as for your performance level and personal life.  By experience, life, let alone work can be very stressful. We discussed practical ways to deal or eliminate stress. Some of our discussion points were:

  • Be organized – prioritize your priorities
  • Organize your next day before you go home
  • Breathing techniques as well as physical “tricks” which calm you and others
  • Take a breath – calm before your react
  • Lead with professionalism, not reactions
  • Focus on your professional deliverables vs. what people think about you
  • Stretching, walking and exercise at the workplace
  • Take ME time
  • Do not confront in groups.  If being confronted, do not react, but ask politely (with class) to talk after the meeting
  • If opposed, seek a balance.  Ask why the other has that opinion and understand.  Share your opinion, with respect

There were other great and simple topics discussed.

I welcome your thoughts on this subject and encourage you to share them with me here

If you would like to learn more about this group discussion and think your team could use such a dialog, I’ll be happy to work with you to understand your dynamics and facilitate such a session.

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