Business Strategies, Processes and Procedures

Fit for purpose strategies quickly become your best friend, when designed and implemented excellently. Typical strategies include:

  • Mission and Vision, with clarity
  • Core Values
  • Client delivery plans with excellent service and client management
  • Operational procedures
  • Marketing and sales plans
  • Procedural development or refinement
  • Process development or refinement
  • Resource planning (who does what)
  • Business Acumen
  • Schedule, budgets and return on investment
  • Productivity enhancements
  • Progress tracking
  • Implementation assistance and leadership
  • Communications planning


Streamlined and fit for purpose strategies and plans will enhance your teams performance, thus delighting your clients and enhancing your top and bottom lines. With the right strategies, processes and procedures your employee morale and performance will be enhanced greatly.

Clearly communicate your stragegies, plans and processes

We'll help you develop and refine your critical documents to make them crisp and fit for purpose. We will also communicate (train) all in order to achieve your desired results.

How it works

Strategic Executive will work with you both in dialog and with a transparent assessment process. From this we will align ourselves on the strategies which are needed or need to be refined. We will then work on developing or refining your strategies which will optimize your time. From there we will communicate and educate all concerned as to the new or enhanced strategies adopted.

Who’s involved

You and your delegates will be involved to the levels your desire. Our proposal to you will identify timelines, budgets and resources required, as agreed upon.

Getting Started

Please contact Strategic Executive Consulting at your convenience and I'll be happy to engage in conversation with you so that we can see if we can help you achieve your goals. Our phone number is 717-458-5760 and our email is

Other Services

Business Advisor and Executive Coach

Strategic Executive will focus on the areas of your business which we agree need our attention and focus. We will leverage our 35 years of business experiences and passions and will focus on our agreed upon scope. We will communicate our progress with you honestly and without hesitation. Our mutual experiences and passions will enable you to achieve your vision with confidence.

Employee Motivation

Employees are your most important asset! Strategic Executive has developed and enjoys implementing employee motivational programs for any size business and serving any industry. Motivated employees are eager, excited and care about their and your success. Employees will be fully engaged and faithful to their workplace and co-workers. Your performance (profits) will increase, your clients will see a joyful team and your labor focus will be focused on being proud of what they do.

Construction Advisor

SEC has over 35 years of construction leadership experience within a healthy array of industries. We leverage our experiences into benefits for you and your team in the areas you would benefit from such as: stakeholder alignment, execution strategies, constructability, construction plans, schedules, budgets, staffing, safety, quality, staffing, and many more. We also love going to the site and focusing where you need us to, including mentoring, advising, craft motivation, procedural opportunity assessments and optimization and even jumping in to assist where you need it!

Workforce Development & Performance

Attracting, training, retain and motivating skilled labor within our industries is impacting every business today. Strategic Executive has extensive experience working with all stakeholders to increase your performance via employee motivation (reduction of demand) as well as attracting, training and retaining great skilled workers (increase in supply)! People will benefit and be joyful and you are a direct reflection of your people.

Alignment and Communication

Strategic Executive will work with you to align your project and/or company goals and programs with your employees, management team and clients. Everyone will be heading in the same direction!

Business Strategies, Processes and Procedures

Leading with optimum business strategies is critical for your success. Strategic Executive will work with you to develop or refine these strategies to align to your business “dreams” and “ideals”.

Productivity Enhancements

Delivery of your business growth is dependent on you and your team’s productivity. Performing with excellence when related to your competitors and your estimates is critical to rise above your competition and delight your customers.